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Revia no prescription is a well-known preparation. Doctors recommend their patients to buy Revia (Naltrexone) to cope with alcohol addiction (in combination with psychotherapeutic and social therapy), prevention of pharmacological effects of exogenous opioids to maintain a clean from opioids status in patients with opioid addiction after the preliminary detoxification (as a part of a program of psychological and vocational rehabilitation).

After you buy online Revia and take it, when getting into the body the preparation leads to an “insensitivity” of the receptors responsible for the sensation of euphoria from alcohol or drugs, certain medical drugs. Thus, not getting the expected pleasure from a “dose”, the patient comes to the meaninglessness of the use of ethanol, opiates, morphine. Naltrexone no prescription gets rid of psychological and physical addiction to alcohol, which has been observed previously. If you order Revia and receive a positive result of treatment with Naltrexone without prescription, it is generally recommended to continue its use for the prevention of relapses in these periods.

Pharmacological action no prescription Naltrexone is due to competitive activity of the drug on the background of exogenous opiates: binds to opiate receptors and blocks them, so the pharmacological effect from drugs, alcohol is not observed.

Without prescription Naltrexone is metabolized and is recycled in the liver, excreted in the urine (up to 1% of the volume taken orally).


There are a lot of patients with drug- and alcohol-addiction all over the world. But the preparation has some contraindications for these kinds of patients. The preparation is not recommended for individuals who have increased susceptibility (individual character) to Revia no prescription.
Revia online pharmacy warns that you shouldn’t purchese Revia in the following cases.

Don’t buy Naltrexone in the following cases:

under the age of 18 years;
the state of abstinence for opioid dependence;
lactation period;
acute hepatitis;
liver failure;

Cheap Revia is taken orally. Treatment may be started after a patient hasn’t taken drugs within 7-10 days (identified by urine tests). The patient must not have signs of abstinence. Treatment does not begin until such time as a provocative test does not become negative. Initial dose is 25 mg; a patient is watched for one hour, in the absence of abstinence, the rest of Revia without prescription daily dose is taken. The average dose is 50 mg/day, sufficient for blockade of parenterally introduced opiates (this dose blocks of 25 mg of heroin entered). Note that the application of these treatment regimens increases the risk of hepatotoxicity.


There are some precautions for patients who are going to buy Revia Australia or buy Revia uk.

No prescription Revia can only be taken in cases where the patient has not been using opioid analgesics for at least 7-10 days.

People can buy online Naltrexone for the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

Patients with liver and/or kidneys disorders should be cautious when they buy Revia Canada or buy Revia us. During treatment it is recommended that have liver function checked.

Without prescription Revia should cancelled at least 48 hours before surgery, which will require the use of opioid analgesics.

Patients, who order Naltrexone, must keep in mind the probability of full recovery from opioid  addiction is variable.


Naltrexone online pharmacy offers the list of possible side effects for patients who want to buy online Revia Australia or buy online Revia uk. Before starting the treatment a patient ought to learn about possible consequences of taking the preparation.

This list includes the following conditions:

CNS: agitation, a state of prostration, irritability, dizziness; rare – depression, paranoia, fatigue, confusion, disorientation in time and space, hallucinations.


Digestive system: loss of appetite, diarrhea, constipation; rarely dry mouth, flatulence, aggravation of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The reproductive system: delayed ejaculation, decrease in sexual potency.

Dermatological reactions: rash; rare – increased secretion of the sebaceous glands and skin changes.

People who buy Naltrexone online can also feel  increased or loss of appetite, increased body weight, pathological yawning, fever, pain in groin, swollen lymph nodes, and lymphocytosis.



Alcohol and drugs are common problems worldwide. There are a lot of people suffering from addiction to these substances.  So, it is available now to buy online Revia Canada or buy online Revia us. But you should keep in mind that the preparation may cause side effects and it has strict rules of dosage, so never start the treatment on your own.



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